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Large Hippo African Flower Crochet, Happypotamus hippo, couch cushion hippo, nursery decor hippo, body pillow, decor cushion hippo,

ADVERTISEMENT Stuffed hippo, Crochet animal toy, African flower croche,t Hippopotamus toy, Stuffed toy, Crochet hippo, Amigurumi toy This handmade hippo is made out of 44 separate patches wich are crocheted together. Happy is soft, squeezable, and makes an excellent body pillow, couch cushion, nursery decor or ADVERTISEMENT

Gerty African Flower Guineapig

ADVERTISEMENT This pattern is made up of African Flower Motifs. This Guinea pig pattern was an idea which came up when I was making Doris the pig pattern. I used to have a guinea pig as a child and thought it would be a great addition to the rabbit pattern I made. ADVERTISEMENT